We have lift-off
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We have lift-off

We have lift-off

We gave the green light to the builders to start the process. The letter goes something like this:

We are hereby agreeing to proceed with the planning application for our house. This phase of the project encompasses only the activities related to obtaining the planning permission from the commune. These activities include, but are not limited to:

  • Informal discussion with the commune by DaVinci to confirm the feasibility of the application,
  • Meeting with DaVinci and Belgian architects at the plot to finalise the house layout and placement,
  • Planning application to the commune,
  • Any subsequent adjustments to the house design requested by the commune.

The maximum cost of this phase is 20,000 Euro.

All subsequent steps in building the house are subject to obtaining the planning permission and mortgage credit.

If planning permission and mortgage credit is obtained the invoice for this phase will be integrated in the first invoice related to the building of the house by DaVinci (e.g. basement), in order to shorten the credit period.