AppleIntelSKLGraphicsFramebuffer – Kernel panic with Intel530

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TL;DR: My solution was to just set the DVMT (Dynamic Video Memory Technology) to 64M. YMMV though…

Yesterday I decided I want to start building a hackintosh to replace my old mac mini. My system has the following components:

  • Asus Maximus Hero VIII Alpha
  • 16 GB of RAM
  • I6700k
  • Some SSDs, HDDs and a NVMe

I chose not to get a graphics card since the nice ones are both expensive (600+ for a GTX1080) and unsupported (there are reports of RX480 working-ish). So, for the time being I’m stuck with the Intel530.

I’ve followed the TonyMac guide for my motherboard, but I kept getting a kernel panic on:

This is the graphics driver going nuts, so I tried to look at tweaks. Someone mentioned that you’d need to tweak the graphics driver if you have the DVMT different from 64M or 96M. I’ve set it up to 64 and it magically works.

Image and references

The screen grab (because the system just reboots) is:


The references are:

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