Get Job Executions in Rundeck

Following the previous articles, we are now in position to query job executions. The query is done via API as well. As a job can have an arbitrary number of executions, it’s advisable to use pagination.

The code follows the same lines as the one in the previous entries:

This function builds the URL for the call and returns an XML string. Its parameters are:

  • server – the rundeck server
  • port – the rundeck server’s port
  • api_key – the api key for rundeck
  • job_id – one of the job IDs obtained by calling functions described here (or hardcoded)
  • page – the page we want to retrieve (offset is size * pages)
  • size – the page size (aka the max number of executions we want to retrieve at once)

We can go a step further with a wrapper:

…which would build a list of maximum MAXCOUNT * SIZE executions.

As the end objective is to remove old jobs, we need to retrieve the date for each execution. In effect we only need the execution ID and date:

In order to retrieve the executions with dates we’d need to call something like:


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