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Ergodox - List of components

June 23, 2015Category: Hardware
The list of components increased the price of the Dox quite a lot. The upside is that I still have a lot of solder wire, the multi-meter, the soldering gun and some switched left. Ergodox parts Ergodox - I got this off Massdrop without switches. I'm not sure I did myself a favour there, because…

Keycap profiles

June 23, 2015Category: Hardware
I keep finding myself scouring the internet looking for keyboard profiles. So, for my reference, here's one of the best images I've found so far: HTH,

Ergodox - Day seven - Granite keycaps

June 23, 2015Category: Hardware
It's finished! With Granite caps and modifiers and some blanks too (no multimedia keys for granite :(). My layout is this one . The keyboard (which I am particularly proud of) is: It is working (yes, I'm still amazed!) and I found it very easy to put in the keycaps. Now... I wonder which cap…

Ergodox - Day six - Switches are in

June 19, 2015Category: Hardware
Well, it's almost finished! I've decided to use mostly blues, with greens on things like space bar, enter (on the default layout anyway). The right hand is: The full keyboard looks like this: Apologies for the mess and the plate, but it was early in the day (01:00 AM) and I've been offered some…

Ergodox - Day five - Finished components soldering

June 18, 2015Category: Hardware
Last light and early this morning (I've finished at 01:30 AM) I've completed the soldering of electronic components (diodes, Teensy , condenser...) It looks fine and it was easier than I thought it would be (barring in mind it took me more than 2 hours to finish). There are several things I learned…

Ergodox – Day four - SMD diodes done

June 18, 2015Category: Hardware
A bit late with posting the progress, but early on 17/06 I've finished soldering the diodes on both boards. 80-ish of them! and they all seem to work (tested them myself!). Here's a colour variant of the photo too: Next step is to solder all other components!

Ergodox - Day three - Left side finished

June 6, 2015Category: Hardware
Left hand side diodes finished now: I'll be starting the right side diodes next :) Then, I'll continue and finish the right side :) I have to say it's a bit frustrating slow soldering at times, checking that everything works, but it's epic fun! :)

Ergodox - It has begun!

June 1, 2015Category: Hardware
I've finally got all the tools and wits together and started building my ErgoDox. Proof: Yeah, the first diode is not too clean, but I forgot I needed a needle to get nice drops of soldering paste. I got the needle today :)

Ergodox - TOC

May 28, 2015Category: Hardware
The ToC for the full series Day 1 - First diode Day 2 - More diodes Day 3 - Left side finished Day 4 - SMD diodes done Day 5 - Finished components soldering Day 6 - Switches are in Day 7 - Granite keycaps Parts list

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