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Mount a shared NFS from TrueNAS on CentOS

October 17, 2020Category: IT
On the setup of my house, I've decided that configuration files should be stored on the NAS. For this, the idea is that the NAS would have a share (say "config" )which would be mounted on the other machines. Each application would then have its own directory in that config, so they don't overlap…

Setup Plex on FreeNAS (TrueNas)

July 27, 2020Category: IT
Note: This entry assumes you got Plex up and running, but with an empty library. If you already set up the library, then good for you! Today I decided to set up once and for all Plex on FreeNAS, via ansible/jail setup. This post documents setting up the shares/mount points, users etc., so it's…

Copy Large Amounts of Data

June 1, 2020Category: IT
Last week I managed to configure Plex on my server, as a FreeNAS jail. Now I want to copy the data from my Synology box. cp I mounted my synology share containing multimedia files onto the FreeNAS, because I figured it's easier using a cp and SMB mount than doing it via e.g. ssh . The command…

Create a jail with DHCP on ESXi

May 23, 2020Category: IT
I am in process of moving some functions from my old and trusted Synology box on the freenas . I want to also automatise most of things in case I need to recreate them again. The first step in my process is to create jails, with DHCP. Process is straight-forward via the UI: I hit a snag when I…

Add a Trusted Domain to Nextcloud

April 9, 2020Category: IT
I've installed NextCloud on my FreeNas server and I got an error that my domain is not trusted. After looking online, it looks like I need to add the hosts capable of connecting to my instance explicitly. This is actually nice, because I don't want everybody to be able to connect to it…

Improve Nextcloud

April 9, 2020Category: IT
Yesterday, I've set up Nextcloud on my server, so I can back up files. That was nice, until I started backing them up... Some files like .htaccess could not be backed up... Prerequisistes FreeNas install (11.3 at the time of writing this) NextCloud plugin installed Move data directory The data…

Connect Sonos to FreeNAS share

February 17, 2020Category: IT
Yesterday, I wanted to add a bit of music collection to my spanking new FreeNAS server. Unfortunately, I got a 0x80070035 error code in Windows and a 900 error in the Sonos controller. This seemed weird since I had my Synology SMB share connecting just fine to Sonos. I read then that some people…

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