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House log - Progress 05/28

May 28, 2020Category: House
Today was a second eventful day. We had a meeting scheduled from 10:30, with three points: Finalise discussion with Electricien Belgium Decide on the sewage (-3m + pump or -.7m gravitational) Visit from a prospective client When I arrived at the site, I've been told by the translator that…

House log - Kick-off Meeting

December 19, 2019Category: House
Today I have had the kick-off meeting for the house building. The guys from Germany (the site coordinator and the cellar builder) came here. They brought a translator. The Geometer came in as well as the guy from the digging company. The Geometer and the construction guys agreed on the reference…

House log - Meeting Geometre

November 28, 2019Category: House
I've met with the Geometer , the guy that will place the house on the plot. I went to the place and arrived a couple of minutes early, but the guy that I was supposed to meet was out... because he forgot about the meeting. Oh well... His boss stepped in and we had a quite nice conversation. He…

House log - Meeting with the Digging Company

November 28, 2019Category: House
I've meet with one of the digging contractors at the plot. The meeting was designed to answer some questions from raised from the contract, but it was set up a the plot. Its success was rather limited because I had a bunch of papers in my hand which were flopping all over the place with the wind…

Create and send an appointment request correctly in Outlook

March 28, 2014Category: IT
The other day I've received an attachment win an appointment as an attachment. This is not really the way to get people to come to your meeting. So, I'm listing the correct way here for future reference: Open Outlook (if you don't already have it open) Go to the calendar view. It should look like…

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