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House log - Sewage

June 13, 2020Category: House
Today I met with the sewage engineer. We had a short discussion where we agreed where the entry point and depth for the sewage will be. Everything will be in a corner, at -1.5m depth. The work will take approx one month and wil cost 2000-ish Euro (as per the Commune tariffs). I have to say the…

House log - Meeting the Engineer for Sewage Connection

November 27, 2019Category: House
I've met with the Engineer of the sewage (as per a previous post ). We had a very short chat. He told me that: The main pipe is in the middle of the street, 3 meters deep. He needs the exact point where the pipe connection needs to be put out. The works will take about a month once the file is…

House log - Application for Sewage Connection

November 20, 2019Category: House
Sewage and residual waters is a kind of monopoly for my Commune. The process goes like this: You apply for Sewage connection. My Commune has a form you fill up and submit. Once you do, you sort of need to pay 2000Eur + VAT. You are appointed by the Commune a contractor that comes and decides how the…

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