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French - Short Essay - What's in it for you?

April 25, 2016Category: Random
The other day I had to write a short essay on What do you think you'll get from this course? The result is: Je pense que la question est un peu compliquée pour être seulement 150 mots, car il y a des plusieurs aspects. Tout d'abord, je m'attends qu'au fin du apprentissage je serai plus efficace à l…


March 22, 2016Category: Random
Today is a dark day. My thoughts are with the victims' families. Unfortunately, I don't know how to disable the add for a particular post...

Belgium Customs and DHL - A History of Legal Thieving

December 5, 2014Category: Random
The other day I ordered an item from Hong Kong, to be delivered with DHL, because DHL would be quicker. So the total cost was: The item: 30.40 USD The shipping: 33.80 USD Grand total : 64.20 USD The amount of taxes I had to pay for the package was... wait for it... approx 26 EUR ! My first reaction…

House: A Grand Project

October 25, 2014Categories: House, Project Management
And now, something different... We have decided relatively soon we want to build a house . We had several reasons for doing this in Belgium: Prices are high : Depending on area, prices are quite high; in a "good commune", you easily reach 500k for a house and 300k for an apartment. Taxes are high…

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