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House log - Epopeea Electrica

December 30, 2020Category: House
December 2019 -Surprise! DaVinci told us we need an electrician. The electricity distributor also told us they don't install the counter etc., jus bless the installation made by an electrician. вот это сюрприз! Now we entered panic mode and we asked DaVinci to tell us which electricians they have…

House log -A Message for an Electrician (for the Building Site)

December 4, 2019Category: House
I got informed by the constructor they require an electrician for the first meeting, to deal with the fuse box for the building site. Here's the message I wrote them (in French): Chère Madame, Cher Monsieur, Nous bâtissons une maison a Rhode Saint Genèse et notre constructeur nous a dit qu'il aurait…

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