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Mirror a Confluence Site

October 22, 2018Categories: IT, Tutorial
TL;DR: wget has a mode capable of saving cookies. The other day I thought it'd be interesting to have a local copy of a confluence wiki, to avoid hitting the internet every time I needed a howto. So, I've tried curl first and failed (probably my fault really). So, after a few tries, I managed…

Check Computer Started without Admin Provileges

September 12, 2017Categories: IT, Tutorial
TL;DR : open the Event viewer , select the Windows Logs > System and Filter Current Log to the desired interval. Or you can scroll to the earliest entry of the day you need (more irritating because the event window doesn't refresh when scrolling). The other day I needed to find out when an…

Avoid Typing Password on Git Every Time on Windows

April 14, 2016Category: IT
Today I've updated Android Studio and, when I wanted to fetch stuff from git, it failed (connection issues). Initially, I thought it was because I'm behind a proxy, but all proxy settings were working OK (unchanged, also command line worked just fine). Apparently, the git plugin doesn't ask (anymore…

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