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Outlook VBA: Iterate recursively over folders

May 31, 2016Categories: Software, Tutorial
Note: This is a post transferred from Laurii for historical and consolidation purposes. As part of the program I've started , I had to perform a recursive walking of all sub-folders from a starting point in a .pst file. Code looks like this: This doesn't do too much... It selects a folder…

List Alarms in Android

January 21, 2015Category: Software
The other day I thought it would be a good idea to list set alarms in android, so I whipped up the following code: Its idea is that we iterate through the alarm clocks set by the AlarmManager. This works quite OK, but it doesn't show periodic alarms :(, so it's of no immediate use to me. Therefore…

PostgreSQL: Call a Stored Procedure for Every Row

May 13, 2014Category: Software
I guess that newbies in PostgreSQL like me have first question when they create a store procedure: How do I call it? The answer is simple; you just execute Then, usually immediately the second question pops up: I wrote a procedure which I need to call for each row in a table. How do I do that? The…

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