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New House Activities Checklist

January 24, 2019Category: House
Preparation Make a "maximum" budget. Subtract 15%. Those will be your buffer See many house builders. We went to Germany @ FertigHausWelt for example. Quite a lot build outside their country Get an architect in Belgium to at least submit papers Make sure the contract is not the default one Push the…

Add a Toolbar to a PreferenceActivity

January 6, 2015Category: Software
When trying to move a playground to Material Design , I stumbled upon the new Toolbar widget, which is supposed to replace the ActionBar (well, that's my understanding from all the posts I've read). Thing is, the Toolbar is designed to be added to an Activity . To do that, the Activity class…

Android: Make Your Notification even Sticky-er

October 16, 2014Category: Software
In my previous post , I've expanded things to make a notification sticky. This worked in my tests until yesterday, when I've found a new case where my notification would go away: Build an sticky notification as per the two previous posts Activate the notification - this will trigger the activity…

Braindump: Save State on Activity Rotation Lifecycle - Android

July 1, 2014Category: Software
Now I'm trying to write a (more complex) Hello World application for Android following a bunch of internet resources . I've read that an Activity has a life cycle (create/start/stop/resume/pause/destroy). This makes sense, because most UI elements (also in other frameworks) can be viewed as…

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