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Pretty Svelte

February 16, 2021Categories: development, web, it
The past few days I've been playing with Svelte and SvelteKit to rebuild my blog. Some things I figured out: SvelteKit uses Snowpack SvelteKit has a generator for static sites svelte-kit adapt --verbose The wildcard stuff is very cute (when it works) On Wildcards Well, now I have a bit of a…

Google analytics vs. Google webmaster tools

August 25, 2019Category: Blog
Today I wanted to integrate some SEO in my blog and I've seen that a yandex plugin offered a number of options. I've also seen there's a difference between google analytics and their webmaster tool: Webmaster Tools reports on how search engines interact with your site, while Google Analytics reports…

Gatsby - Useful Links

August 7, 2019Category: Blog
Image Easy image components Remark images plugin ImageSharp nodes cannot be created by other plugins gatsby-remark-images hide images How to size a gatsby-image by height? File system BlurUp effect gets stuck on Theming Material palette Styled-components Theme example Multiple layouts SEO SEO…

My blog is almost ready... again

August 5, 2019Category: Blog
My blog is almost ready again. At the moment of writing this, most important missing bits are: SEO Ads at the bottom of the page (same as the old blog) Migrated posts I will have a number of entries showing up what issues I have hit along the way: Gatsby Theming MDX

Gatsby and MDX

August 4, 2019Category: Blog
MDX is an interesting concept, in the sense that you can have access to react components from within makrdown text. I think this becomes interesting when you have thinks like polls or comments (although you'd probably use disqus ) Plugins I started using gatsby-mdx first which was merged in…

eta blog!

September 30, 2004Category: Random
woohoo! now I have a blog so I can say various :) -- This is a really old post published originally on my blogspot blog

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