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House log 18/03/21

March 18, 2021Category: House
Today I met with the German Engineer at the house, to discuss the state of play and the next steps. We agreed that we should not rush things, in order they are done right. We asked about increasing the size of the shower at the ground floor from 80x80 to 80x90. He said he'll come back with the price…

House log - Meeting the Engineer for Sewage Connection

November 27, 2019Category: House
I've met with the Engineer of the sewage (as per a previous post ). We had a very short chat. He told me that: The main pipe is in the middle of the street, 3 meters deep. He needs the exact point where the pipe connection needs to be put out. The works will take about a month once the file is…

My first proper job offer

March 4, 2015Categories: IT, Software
Well, this is a trip down the memory lane... My first offer was as a Software Design Engineer in Corvil . Yeah, they're still alive and going strong :) And here's the proof in the form of my Corvil job offer :) ps: Yeah, I know, the salary wasn't too interesting, but I was more idealistic at the…

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