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Content Tagged "electricians"

House log - Electricians

July 26, 2020Category: House
So, this morning I got a SMS from the electricians significantly toned down, asking for news... I wonder the the constructor managed to talk to them before the weekend. Next week looks eventful.

House log - Electricians

July 23, 2020Category: House
Today we got a holding reply from the constructor along the lines: We'll let you know when we'll have any news. I've asked in turn to keep me updated, in case the electricians call me again. I think we'll have more popcorn by the time this is finished.

House log - Electricians follow up

July 22, 2020Category: House
Today we got a call from the electricians that they were confused about the email sent yesterday . They sent back a somewhat angry reply, and sent me the reply from the site manager. I was just as confused as they were. We spent the afternoon talking to the constructor to see what's the problem…

House log - Electricians follow up

July 21, 2020Category: House
This morning I got a phone call from the electricians that made things clear: the electricians were not happy of the delayed payment and threatened again to take the constructor to court because: This is still Europe, not Africa and they have picked the wrong person to mess with. Unfortunately, they…

House log - Electricians again

July 20, 2020Category: House
Today is the Belgium national holiday, hence I'm not supposed to do work . So, after the past glorious week where the electricians started demanding their payment for the work done and their purchases, today I received a message from them that they will not hesitate to take our builder to court…

House log - Electricians' new Bill

July 17, 2020Category: House
Today the electricians sent their new bill, and I'm in CC. I don't know what I expected, definitely i would have not expected it to be 50% of the original bill. They basically say they need a bit of hardware (I don't understand all of it, but there are some cables, wall socket boxes etc.). They also…

House log - Electricians and House Automation

July 15, 2020Category: House
Today I had a call with the electricians about the doorbell, following my request to change it. We have agreed that I would send the specifications of the new bell. It became apparent that the doorbell would be placed at the gate outside, not on the house wall. Now, I was unclear if that was falling…

House log - Electricians and Kitchen

July 14, 2020Category: House
Today I went to the house in the morning to meet with the kitchen builders for the final measurements and with the electricians. Kitchen I've met the owner of the company, Mr. Thonon who's a very nice guy. They basically tole me that they don't need me while they take measurements. They told me at…

House log - Progress 05/27

May 27, 2020Category: House
Today was an eventful day. I first went to the house to let the guys who built the cellar to come and get their metal posts. This came as a surprise and took a bit of time. I then met with the electricians at COB, because they insisted they could not talk to the constructor anymore. At the…

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