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Messy rig

October 4, 2017Category: Hardware
My current rig has: 1 x Vega 56 blower 1 x EVGA FTW2 1070 3 x RX580 Nitro + 1 x RX580 Red Devil It's nice and I can mine either Ethereum with the hybrid Claymore miner or ZCash (albeit I still need to tune it because it crashes). Unfortunately, the airflow is messed up: Vega blows towards the rear…

Thou Shall Stop Reading

June 30, 2016Category: IT
I've caught myself reading about a subject matter (now, that's android ). I've been reading articles, documentation on new libraries, looking for inspiration on the net about UI... All for an app I'm upgrading with new functionality and looks. This is bad and I'll stop doing it after I tell you…

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