House log - 14/07/21
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House log - 14/07/21

House log - 14/07/21

Today, there was a lot of commotion at the house.


The security people came to install the system.


  1. Cheap - they had a 700 Euro discount
  2. Pretty - contacts are tiny.
  3. Wireless - all is wireless. Didn't investigate the protocol yet.
  4. Haz app - we're in the 21th century, aren't we?


  1. App is very restrictive.
  2. There's no integration possible with other systems, not even readonly.
  3. Vendor lock-in - can't use the system if I want to go with another vendor.


The tiles came today. Two days later than what the site manager said.

The guy who brought in the tiles didn't have a crane so he left the tiles out on the walkway. I had to stay there 4 hours until the tiler came. Oh well, it looks like it's going to finally happen (tiles and parquet that is).

The painter is ill this week and will come next week to finish the exterior of the house apparently.


We had more electricians coming in for the house and they also said that the electrical connection being too close to the shower might be an issue. I guess I'll have to put in 24V LEDs.