House log - 18/06/21
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House log - 18/06/21

House log - 18/06/21

I wanted to get an Ajax security system because of the potential of integration with other systems. As soon as I've started investigating I've hit two issues:

  1. Connectivity to monitoring centre and
  2. Installation

Connectivity to monitoring centres

I've found out that the system can connect to most monitoring centres, like:

  • securitas
  • Oktopus
  • Praxis

But... you need them to be installed by an authorized installer


Axis is a DIY system. In fairness, there are a lot of tutorials and forums showing you hos to install things yourself. In Belgium however, you need to have the system installed by a professional in order to connect to a monitoring service. This is quite unpleasant as it almost doubles the cost of the hardware...

If you're willing to have a pro install the system or you don't need to connect to a monitoring service, then have a look at the Ajax system.