House log - Electricians and House Automation
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House log - Electricians and House Automation

House log - Electricians and House Automation

Today I had a call with Electricien Belgium about the doorbell, following my request to change it. We have agreed that I would send the specifications of the new bell.

It became apparent that the doorbell would be placed at the gate outside, not on the house wall. Now, I was unclear if that was falling under the house contract with DaVinci, or as an extra purchase. I have asked Electricien Belgium to clarify with the constructor.

Home automation

Yesterday they mentioned that at some point in the future someone will come to set up automation. The more I thought about it, the more it looked strange, because my contract states that the house will only be prepared for automation. I have therefore sent a message to them to clarify the type of work they can do in the house:

  1. They are authorised to do only work covered by the contract with DaVinci (with some changes authorised in the previous weeks)
  2. They need to send me a quote first if the work is not covered
  3. They need to verify with the constructor that their work is covered

I have sent the same message to the site manager, to ask him to check the work done is authorised by them.