House log - Electricians and Kitchen
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House log - Electricians and Kitchen

House log - Electricians and Kitchen

Today I went to the house in the morning to meet with the kitchen builders for the final measurements and with Electricien Belgium.


I've met the owner of the company, Mr. Thonon who's a very nice guy. They basically tole me that they don't need me while they take measurements.

They told me at the end that they will need to make the cabinet a bit shorter so one of the doors doesn't hit it, but all the rest is mostly as expected.


I've let the kitchen builders do the measurements while I roamed around the house the see the progress on the electrical stuff. Most electrical cables were set and the KNX too. This is good. Only thing that's missing is the CAT7.

I was just about to leave when Electricien Belgium came in. They had still some questions (where to drill holes for the blinds' preparation), to which I was unable to respond. I've told them to see with the site engineer and the architect.

We have discussed the doorbell, as they put in a Niko doorbell (which was not extraordinary based on reviews) and I have told them the day before that I would prefer a DoorBird one (Etherenet, open-ish API etc.). They confirmed that I would need to buy it and they will remove the Niko doorbell from the quote. I told them that I would need a CAT7 to the gate and to tell me their quote for pulling the power and network cables to the gate.

At this point they mentioned that someone will come in later (after they've finished with the cables) to set up the home automation. I found this a bit odd, but I have not paid too much attention at the time.

They also noted that they've asked for the second payment and will send a 3rd request for the leftover work, because they underestimated the amount of work to be done in the house.