House log - A first checklist
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House log - A first checklist

House log - A first checklist

With the process of building the house, I've also built a checklist of items I needed to have. Here it is:

Family Label Description
Cash Bank Unless you're rich or a very good saver, this is where your money comes from.
Assets Weigh your assets (cash, savings...) well before going to the bank. Bankers don't like haggling and coming each time with a different amount looks unprofessional.
Ground works Digger Get many quotes from digging companies. Ask your constructor exactly what they need.
Geometer Get many quotes from Geometers for implantation.
Commune Sometimes, the Commune may want to check the implantation. Make sure you ask them.
Connections Water The water connection is essential. Check with the Planning department who's your supplier. There's usually a monopoly.
Rainwater Check with the Planning department. There's a law that you should separate it from sewage.
Sewage The Commune/city usually controls this, but outsources it to a sub-contractor. Make sure you get the details. You might need a septic tank.
Electricity This is essential. See with your provider (Planning department should provide the list) what they can offer on your street. You might need extra components.
Gas Decide if you want this. If you do, same as above.
Water Softener If you need it, research the subject. There are salt-, or CO2-based softeners. Beware of devices which only transform the calcium/hardness into fine dust.

The checklist for smart house items is here.