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House log - A Checklist for Smart House

September 30th, 2019 - House(1 min)

With the process of building the house, I’m building the list of smart house items:

HouseCommunicationThere are many smart house systems, wired (KNX, DALI, DMX) and wireless (ZigBee, Z-Wave, WiFi). Each has advantages and disadvantages.
SmartsThere are many systems that add intelligence. HomeAssistant, Loxone, Gira are just some of them.
VentilationThe people building your house should know about this. New houses must have ventilation by law. You can add a ventilation system to an old one…
SensorWater detectionThere are flood detection, humidity detection sensors. If you go with wired sensors, consult an expert.
Leak detectionLeak detection sensors are installed on the main intake usually. This might be limiting.
MotionMotion sensors can help a lot in the feeling of a smart house.
PresencePresence sensors complement motion sensors (e.g. thermal detection).
Open/closeThey are useful if you forget your windows open
CameraIndoorIndoor cameras are optional and may create contractual issues with the e.g. cleaning company.
OutdoorOutdoor cameras are part of your security system. You can also use them to enhance the smartness of your house if you can detect motion
TemperatureThermostatThis can be smart (think Nest) or dumb (just a dial). You can complement it with the house smarts.
ElectricsLightingLighting is easy and fashionable. Wireless systems (e.g. Philips Hue) work well. DALI or DMX are better IMO, but also more expensive.
SocketsPower-measuring sockets are very useful IMHO. Unfortunately, the offer is rather limited
MonitoringPower monitoring solutions at panel level are popular. Unfortunately, they are not too granular and inferring device usage is problematic.
AudioThere’s a wide range of audio devices which can be integrated in the smart house. Sonos is arguably the more popular (DIY). Integrators have high-end solutions.
TVMost TVs are smart-house friendly. Check your smart house system first for compatibility with the TV (unless you want to contribute).
ProjectorsSame as TVs above
DoorbellsThere’s a wide range of doorbells, connected to the internet (or not). Decide if you want to be able to talk to your postman from holidays or not
LocksThere are a lot of locks. Wired, wireless, with fingerprint, dial, contact-less… Pick your poison, or pick a classic one.


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