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House log - 31/07/21

July 31st, 2021 - House(1 min)

The house state today is:

  • Paint
  • Parquet
  • Tiles
  • Security
  • Doors
  • Plumbing (80%)
  • Electricity (40% - cables are laid)


Today I got some quotes from a Belgium distributor, and then got prices form a shop in Germany.

The items are:

AlimentationAlimentation 320mA212200
Alimentation 640mA213000
12-48v transformer212800
ControlGira X1209600
Gira L1207000
Gira S1208900
Home server052900
Gira USB interface201400
IP Router216700
1-10V 4x222400
Line coupler102300
ActorsSwitching actuator 24x504000
Switching actuator 16x503800
Variable Actuator 4x202500
Smoke detector234300
SwitchesShutter stores536603
Temperature control539303
Switch x2536303
Control panel206912
HeatingHeating regulator212900
Valve 230v216900

The belgium distributor has a total of Eur 13,476.28 total for my items, while the German distributor has Eur 9694.10. A 39% price difference! Whoa!


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