House: A Grand Project
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House: A Grand Project

House: A Grand Project

And now, something different...

We have decided relatively soon we want to build a house. We had several reasons for doing this in Belgium:

  1. Prices are high: Depending on area, prices are quite high; in a "good commune", you easily reach 500k for a house and 300k for an apartment.
  2. Taxes are high: If you want to buy something in Brussels, you'll need extra 16% (ish) in taxes (registration, notary fees).
  3. Quality is low: All places we have seen would require an investment of 100,000 Eur on top of the purchase price to be OK to live in. Also, most places have a F-G rating for thermal proficiency.

So, our approach is instead to buy some land and build a house. Subsequent articles will deal with the whole process of building a land, finding a house company and all of the other things you'll need to do before you can move in.

Stay tuned :)