New House Activities Checklist
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New House Activities Checklist

New House Activities Checklist


  • Make a "maximum" budget. Subtract 15%. Those will be your buffer
  • See many house builders. We went to Germany @ FertigHausWelt for example. Quite a lot build outside their country
  • Get an architect in Belgium to at least submit papers
  • Make sure the contract is not the default one
  • Push the architect to submit the plans to the Commune
  • Monitor the hell out go the architect (generic)
  • Monitor your application - ask where he submitted the plans, how can you see its progress...
  • Go do the fitting - this is the process where you set up everything in your house. Read the contract with the building company before.



I use the following tools:

  • Trello to manage flows for requesting quotes and other bits
  • Jira to to issue tracking. It's a bit one-sided though.