House log - Public Consultation
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House log - Public Consultation

House log - Public Consultation

Last month we got the news that we need to have a public consultation for the house. Cool! I get to have a sticker/poster thing announcing the house :)

We had a term set to 32 days (default is 30). The Commune even sent us the poster we needed to display, an A2 sheet :). It's yellow with a black text, so it's definitely visible. So, I went to get:

  • A wooden pole (Brico in Belgium)
  • Laminating sheets. Expensive, only A3 (so I had to use 2 to cover the poster)
  • Nails (oh, well...)

I laminated the sheets at home with the hot iron, then I went and stuck the pole with on the plot. I must have been looking really weird trying to dig a hole on a piece of land by a road with quite a bit of traffic :) The result is:


So, now the pole is there... Still gloriously yellow and visible to passers by :)