House log - Electricians
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House log - Electricians

House log - Electricians

Today we had a meeting with Electricien Belgium and the constructor. The aim was two-fold:

  1. to resolve the issue with electricians and
  2. to see how things will move forward with the construction


They were already there when we arrived in the morning. After exchanging pleasantries, the lady re-iterated that it's my job to pay them. She was visibly unhappy when we stated that they have been contracted by DaVinci, not us. Tried to start an argument but everything fizzled when the site manager arrived.

When everybody was at the site, the main person from Electricien Belgium started explaining something... in english. I was surprised because they always said they knew no english. She explained the work done, cabling etc. and what it was left to do.

She went all defensive arguing the work they had to do. She said multiple times they had to carry the items back and forth each time because the door was not secure enough. Unfortunately, I know and have pictures that all the hardware was left on site until they picked up everything before the last pay. So, a lie right here.

She stated that the final bill (approx 10k) includes all work to be done. Read: everything will be installed and working when you move in. Se said she will send a message when she gets back to the office to put it in writing.

Everybody met on site once and the site manager met them several times to explain things. The questions from the constructor where:

  1. They had time to make the original offer.
  2. Why the miscalculation of time (100% more... really)? Why the missing parts which were in the new offer?

The electrician claimed the plans were unclear, they have not received clarifications and they have found out that they were supposed to do more work and buy more stuff after the original meetings.

I guess these questions will remain enigmas for eternity...


We have discussed the two issues with windows. Apparently, the constructor will bring a long-enough crane to replace the window, after we put in the fences/gate. We asked yet again for the quote for the skylight and they promised (again) to give it to us before the end of the week.

We've noted that the lack of reaction from the constructor had an important contribution to the current situation with Electricien Belgium. Once he waited for almost two weeks to reply and he dod so only when we started contacting other people in the company. We all agreed that this was not acceptable.

The constructor also agreed that by the end of the week they will reply to the message from Electricien Belgium. The idea is to finish the electrical works as soon as possible so the other people can start doing things.

We have asked the site manager to give us answers within three days. The boss asked him:

This should be possible, shouldn't it? (in German, of course)

... and they agreed to our proposal.

We agreed that we'll do the pipes/trenches till the house and they will do the holes in the walls to pull everything in.

We asked of the timeline and the boss was doubtful we can move in before the new years' eve.

All in all, the discussion with the constructor was constructive.


  1. Timeline has shifted because of all delays.
  2. The continuation of electrical works is not too clear.