House log - A surprise
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House log - A surprise

House log - A surprise

Today I went to the house to prepare the works for the fence/gate. When we got in, one of Electricien Belgium was running around to throw something in the bin and ran away to a car. By the time we got back, the car was gone. Oh well.

When we got to the house, I've noticed the same pattern like in the summer:

  • Electricien Belgium picked the very last thing from the house that they could use
  • They "installed" the network cables:
    • 4 cables were running through the house with no protection
    • The contractual specifications are not respected
    • The basement cables are not installed

Well, at least they cleaned up the mess they left in the basement.

Since they entered the house after they received the message from the constructor (instead of returning the key, as required), I had to change the lock.

Hopefully, this will result in some progress and the house will get finished soon(er).