House log - Electricians
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House log - Electricians

House log - Electricians

The other day I got some pics with the house with lights. Electricien Belgium rigged some fuses in the house and lights in the ceiling, so they'll light up from the panel.

I went to visit the house today, to see if there's more progress (I'm quite impatient to see the ethernet cables pulled). No luck.

I wrote a message to Electricien Belgium to ask them when they'll pull the network cables so I can send them a specification for some sockets where they're not at the standard location (they're for wi-fi).

Imagine my surprise when the owner of the company (and the main person dealing with our site) told me that all cables are there, and then a rant about changing things in the middle of the work. I've asked for more details and I got a reply that and the network cable is 'the green one' from an angry person:

Le cat7 est le câble vert!!!!!!!!!!!

I have replied that the KNX wire is 'the green cable' and the network cable is 'the orange one' (like we discussed in the summer). The reply was epic:


I thought I'm going mad, so I went to the house. Lo and behold: the green cable was the KNX one. I went on to send an email describing hte current state of things, explaining like to a newbie (?) what about hte KNX (4 wires) and CAT7 (8 wires), with pictures where the network connections should have been placed in the house etc.

Now, the 1 million USD question is: would you trust an electrician who doesn't know the difference between a KNX cable and an ethernet one? And doesn't admit they don't know? And they don't even bother to check?