House Log - current phase
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House Log - current phase

House Log - current phase

We are quite disappointed on the progress (or lack thereof) of the house.

We are thinking on the following:

  1. Communication - We have to work to improve it:
    • We had twice delay with no feedback (first with the green light letter, second with the architect)
    • We need to improve transparency of activities
  2. Outcome from the meeting with the Planning Department?
  3. Next steps? Ours:
    • Meet with architects to discuss changes and final plans
    • Application for planning permission
  4. Meeting with architect(s) on changes
    • Belgian/Flemish/Commune regulations (e.g. garage/carport, rain water tank...)
    • We need detailed discussions + price
    • We need to clarify who will be present at the meeting
  5. Planning - there is a number of steps which need to be followed.
    • Plan? We would like a MS Project or excel file to describe the planning
      • timelines
      • process
  6. Our tasks
    • What do we need to do?
    • When do we apply for amenities?

Oh well... We will see how this pans out.