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House log - 02/11/21

November 2nd, 2021 - House(2 mins)

Today I went to the house with two items in mind:

  1. Wait for the guy with the digger to get the driveway started and
  2. Be present when the electrical distributor would come to move the meter inside the house.


The guy was supposed to come at 07:30 in the morning, but at 07:00 I got a call that he was already there. So I had to rush to get there and call our guy to let him know. So at 07:30 the work started and it was finished in about two hours. Cool! We both thought it’d take longer.


The distributor was supposed to come between 13:30 and 15:30. Unfortunately, around 15:30 I got a phone call that they were at the corner of the road. When I went there, I couldn’t see anyone and a bit later I got another phone call saying that the workers left and they would come ‘tomorrow’. Enter panic mode.

I called the distributor and confirmed (sort of) verbally they would indeed come the next day. As we did not get a confirmation, we were still a bit stressed.

State of the house

The house state today is:

  • Paint
  • Parquet
  • Tiles
  • Security
  • Doors (60%)
    • Ordered entrance door
    • Install entrance door
    • Ordered interior doors (5)
    • Order rest of the doors
    • Install the 5 doors
    • Install the rest of the doors
    • Ordered glass for the railings
    • Install glass for railings
    • Ordered replacement for broken window
    • Install replacement broken window
  • Carpentry
    • First flight of stairs
    • Second flight of stairs
    • Black finishes walls
    • Black finishes windows
  • Plumbing (70%)
    • Install plumbing
    • Install floor heating
    • Install the heat pump elements
    • Connect the interior/exterior heatpump elements
    • Perform final checkup of the heat pump
    • Perform mise en route (aka start + warranty)
    • Integration with KNX
    • Install bathroom
    • Install sinks upstairs
    • Install sink downstairs
    • Shower panels downstairs
    • Shower panel upstairs
  • Ventilation (70%)
    • Install ventilation pipes
    • Install ventilation machine Zehnder 350Q
    • Intake, exhaust filters
    • Optional increase the capacity of the ventilation system (PEB)
  • Electricity (50%)
    • Cables are laid
    • High power electrical panel connections
    • KNX panel modules for lights installed
    • KNX panel modules for heating installed
    • KNX line couplers and interface installed
    • KNX wall bus couplers (200800)
    • KNX switches (including frames)
    • Test lights
    • KNX programmed
    • Lights - about 50% of them are done.
    • Meter moved inside (75%)
      • Application
      • Quote
      • Scheduled date
      • Execution
  • IT
    • WiFi Installation
    • Cables from the panel to IT room
    • Second rack
    • Infra installation
    • Network config
    • Domain config
    • Website config
    • HA config
  • Final operations (25%)
    • Clean the house
    • Clean the outside
    • Pathway
    • Driveway
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