House log - 01/06/21
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House log - 01/06/21

House log - 01/06/21

Today I went to the house to see the progress of the second session done by the painter. He went back today and will return on Monday (07/06).

He did good progress, and, upon inspection I realized that there are 3 separate layers to be placed on the walls for finalization:

  1. Smoothing out the joints
  2. A cover layer (maybe to increase adherence?)
  3. The final layer

Completion rate

I like metrics and the simplest one that I found is of how many walls are completed in which state. The result looks like this:


There are some errors because some walls are smaller, some are larger in surface (surface-wise, the completion percentage is less than 15% simply because the biggest walls are not finished).

More metrics

The painter worked 5 full days to get from an initial state of all walls in 'smoothing the joints' phase to where he is now.

To calculate the completion rate, I'll make the following assumptions:

  1. The layers above are correct and there's no other hidden phase
  2. All layers take the same time to place in
  3. The initial state is that first layer (joint smoothing) has been completed.

From the above, I figured that I have 65 walls in the house (ground + first floors). So:

State Formula Result Percentage
Start 0 0 0
Initial NumberOfWalls 65 33
Current 27*1 + 28*2 + 10*3 113 58
Final NumberOfWalls * 3 195 100

All in all, Considering he worked 6 days of approximately 10h/day to get to the current state, it would take him alone

  • around 16 working days at the same rhythm of work or
  • about 20 days at an 8-hour work day.

Now, these are ballpark estimates and there are a lot of factors influencing the progress (e.g. materials' availability, work conditions ...).