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House log - 09/04/21

April 2nd, 2021 - House(1 min)

Today the house was vandalized. The person(s) tipped over the mobile toilet and broke a window. No intention to break in I think. I’ve called the police and will need to get the window replaced.

Now we want to see which security solutions are feasible :)


The guys helping us making the basement nice did progress a bit, but still have some work to do. They said they’ll come over if the weather is bad. Otherwise, they’ll come over the weekend :)

DaVinci’s planning is like this:

PaintersDaVinci0%06/04/202115/04/2021not started
ElectricianDaVinci0%15/04/202122/04/2021not started
TilesDaVinci0%19/04/202107/05/2021not started
Electrician to finishDaVinci0%10/05/202115/05/2021not started
Plumbers to finishDaVinci0%10/05/202121/05/2021not started
Carpenters with doorsDaVinci0%10/05/202128/05/2021not started


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