House log 18/03/21
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House log 18/03/21

House log 18/03/21

Today I met with the German Engineer at the house, to discuss the state of play and the next steps. We agreed that we should not rush things, in order they are done right.

We asked about increasing the size of the shower at the ground floor from 80x80 to 80x90. He said he'll come back with the price difference.

I noticed there is no hot water tap next to the toilet. He said he'll flag it to the plumbers when they come.

I've got also a planning from him, confirmed:

Plumbers DaVinci 0% 22/03/2021 26/03/2021
Carpenters DaVinci 0% 29/03/2021 02/04/2021
Painters DaVinci 0% 06/04/2021 15/04/2021
Electrician DaVinci 0% 15/04/2021 22/04/2021
Tiles DaVinci 0% 19/04/2021 07/05/2021
Electrician to finish DaVinci 0% 10/05/2021 15/05/2021
Plumbers to finish DaVinci 0% 10/05/2021 21/05/2021
Carpenters with doors DaVinci 0% 10/05/2021 28/05/2021

With the Easter coming, he'll be on holidays.

I'll carry this across to the other entries, to follow it's progress. At the end, we should be able to do the finishing touches and move in!