House log - Status update
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House log - Status update

House log - Status update

Today I vent by the house. Here's the state of play:


  • The fence posts have been placed
  • All materials are there
  • Next week, everything should be ready


  • Ground floor has the floor heating prepared
  • Cellar is prepared for floor heating

Base plate for heat pump

  • I've been informed the base plate goes out of our plot by 10cm-ish.
  • A guy form the constructor of the plate came in and we agreed to destroy the plate and cast a new one in our plot.
  • Works will happen on Saturday.

Short term planning

  • Foundation for gate to be done this week
  • the cellar holes will be drilled
  • the pipe connections will be done
  • I'll need to get phone cable (8 wires for the gate control)
  • the baseplate for the heat pump will be recast on Saturday