Ergodox - Day seven - Granite keycaps
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Ergodox - Day seven - Granite keycaps

Ergodox - Day seven - Granite keycaps

It's finished! With Granite caps and modifiers and some blanks too (no multimedia keys for granite :().

My layout is this one.

The keyboard (which I am particularly proud of) is:


It is working (yes, I'm still amazed!) and I found it very easy to put in the keycaps. Now... I wonder which cap profiles other people are using (Granites are DSA). Also, I think some Pexon cables will fit in quite nicely :)


I think my typing speed will go down massively for the next few months at home while I embark on teaching myself how to type properly :)


I'll post the full list of stuff I had to buy to make this shortly.