Ergodox – Day six – Switches are in

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Well, it’s almost finished! I’ve decided to use mostly blues, with greens on things like space bar, enter (on the default layout anyway). The right hand is:


The full keyboard looks like this:


Apologies for the mess and the plate, but it was early in the day (01:00 AM) and I’ve been offered some walnut confiture :) Who can say no to that?

Here’s a better shot (with more realistic colours):


Next steps are to fix up the layout and put in the key caps.

Lessons Learned

  • Soldering with hot gun is totally doable. Almost everything on the board (including switches) are soldered with hot air.
  • Spend more time soldering to make sure you don’t have dry/cold joints
  • Get a multi-meter. One capable of checking diodes is extremely useful (particularly for the tiny diodes in the kit)
  • Patience. Well, I was too excited and I sort-of run out of it when putting in the case, so I have now some dust specs between the layers.
  • Have fun! Well ,that’s the whole point. Otherwise you can just buy one already made

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