Electron and WebPack - Live Reloads
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Electron and WebPack - Live Reloads

Electron and WebPack - Live Reloads

I wanted to create a skeleton with Electron, Angular 2, capable of live reload while in development. I've settled on the following framework:

  • Electron (d'oh!)
  • Angular 2
  • Angular CLI (because it makes it easy to generate boilerplate code)
  • SASS (SCSS in fact)
  • Webpack 2 and
  • Babel

After a lot of trial and error (and also scouring the internet for solutions), I think I reached a nice-ish solution. Following articles outline the steps and functionalities I implemented.

  1. Why angular-cli
  2. Is it alive?
  3. Use SCSS, Luke!
  4. Adding Webpack
  5. Electron-ize
  6. Send Menu Command to Angular App
  7. Babel-ize
  8. Empower VS Code to debug