Fix TS1144 for e.g. flex-layout
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Fix TS1144 for e.g. flex-layout

Fix TS1144 for e.g. flex-layout

TL;DR: Update your typescript version dependency.

These days we're updating some angular apps to the most recent version (6 at the time of writing this entry). Everything is nice, with the exception of various errors we get because of the other dependencies.

The most recent one was a TS1144: '{' or ';' expected in one of the dependencies (flex-layout to be precise). As it's a popular 3rd party library, it's more probable the error occurs because of something on our side than on theirs.


Since it's a TS error, I've looked to see our typescript dependency version and I've found out we were using 2.4.4, while most dependencies were using a 2.9 version (look in your package-lock.json, Luke!). Updating the variant to 2.9.2 (most recent at the time of writing) fixed our problem. We now only have a warning on compiler-cli requiring typescript < 2.8, which doesn't seem to affect the production code though.