Why I didn't remain with CheckMK
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Why I didn't remain with CheckMK

Cross-platform infrastructure relies on 3rd party sources which I couldn't get working at the time.
Why I didn't remain with CheckMK

The past week I've started to investigate monitoring frameworks, because I need to know if something fails on the infrastructure. While KNX is designed to be stable and I had no issues with NodeRed so far, you never know :)

So, my first hit was CheckMK. It ticked the free checkbox and has monitoring for everything I can imagine having in my home network (docker, kubernetes, DBs...). So I started to install it on my main VMs and everything was good.

I have some Raspberry PIs in a k3s cluster I use for playing right now and I've tried to install CheckMK on those as well, but... the only supported architecture I found ootb was amd64. I found an arm64 repository too, but I couldn't make it work properly :(

That was in February 2023 and I've noticed there's a new release out. Unfortunately, at this stage I went with node-exporter, cadvisor and grafana which gives me a nice panel:

... and I can monitor quite a bit of aspects of  my infrastructure.

As this is a cyclic Ops activity, it's quite likely that I'll revisit my setup later this year and maybe update it :)