Skip the EPSO Online Test
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Skip the EPSO Online Test

Skip the EPSO Online Test

TL;DR:: Replace the end of the application URL from e.g. 1947_en to 1947/apply_en.

These days, EPSO is in the habit of launching calls with multiple fields with a twist: each field has its own application page. So, if you just want to browse the fields for more details (e.g. Talent Screener in specialist competitions), you'd have to go through the test each time. Quite time consuming...

The URL for a field is:[field_id]_[lang]

where [field_id] is the identifier of the call and [lang] is the language. E.g. for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) (AD7) in English, you'd get 1947_en.

To go directly to the application page, you just replace the URL to:[field_id]/apply_[lang]

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