New laptop
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New laptop

New laptop

Im hunting for a new laptop these days. Laura's screen went dead just a couple of weeks after the warranty expired and Dell guys were quite unhelpful, asking for a 700Eur to replace the screen on a 900Eur laptop. HA! So there's my perfect excuse: I gave her my X200 and I'm gonna get a new one (after I "transform" the messed up one in some kind of desktop). Good for the timing as the Yonah chipsets were just announced :)

So, my options right now are:'

  • a Dell (yeah, right)
  • a Thinkpad (still have to chat to my sis on this one)
  • an Acer TM 8200 series (got lost of prizes and a 10/10, 90% on various rating sites)
  • a MacBook...

The macbook is quite cute, but the trackpad is 1button only which is silly. Pricewise, it's about the same as the Acer, about 500usd more expensive than my T42/43 of choice from Lenovo... Too many choices. Ultimately, given that the specs/performance is about the same (I don't see myself burning dual layer DVDs anyway this year), it's going to go down to the battery life...

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