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Yesterday I’ve played badminton with my new club :) I’m yet to formally enroll, but the lads (and ladies) were quite nice and let me play.

after a warm-up with one of the good guys there, i got to play doubles. for the first time. ..ever :). rather complicated, especially because I don’t know how to serve “doubles serve” (very short ones that is).

To make a long story short, i’ve ended up playing 2 sets of doubles (lost both) and managed to get my “bat suitable hand” a bit sore. ..and to stuck 3 shuttles in the ceiling. hmm. i should hide now :)

on the prog side, i’ve finished a simple logging system so I can start writing stuff and be able to log it (and not write printf-s all over the place). today I’m going to start the top-down implementation of the daemon (detection, polling & logic), with logging.

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