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Nice w/end

November 15th, 2004 - Random(1 min)

An important piece in my master plan to run the marathon in NY next year got resolved: running shoes :).. yesterday I’ve installed my laserpod… very nice toy and last nite I left it projecting lights on the ceiling. all i can say is that my room is not worthy of it :).. but it is a cool toy (expensive though).

Yesterday I’ve played (read: got obliterated) 2 hours of badminton… my excuse was that I haven’t played badminton in about 3 years and I’ve never played badminton with a net :) before yesterday

On a more “programming” side, I’ve started the serious work on my wireless daemon thing and now i’m preparing the various bits like critical sections (threadsafe bits), dotlock logic, and now i’ll start a dbus+critical section-based communication module. The purpose is to allow multiple threads to “put” status updates, and multiple threads to read them. The logic for writing/reading this type of messages is already there, but I have to write now a producer/consumer code for it.

and I’ve sent an e-mail to my supervisor re my thesis (it would be nice to finish it soon…)

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