Add Wear Notifications to Android App

TL;DR: Use notification mechanism. Steps are:

  • Create a WearableExtender:

  • Extend the notification mechanism:

  • Trigger the notification:

After reading various sources, I got my application to send notification to my watch using the code above. At the beginning, I thought the notifications weren’t sent. I thought I needed to enable wear in the manifest (which I did), but… notifications were sent, just the watch was on charging dock and was’t doing anything :(.

To make sure things were OK, I’ve enabled vibration:

Note: You need <uses-permission android:name="android.permission.VIBRATE"/> in your Manifest.xml file. References are here, here and, if you dig enough, on GitHub.

Now the watch (and the phone) vibrate when the notification is triggered! Cool!

screen - wearable

PS: Never mind the amazon underground swatch :)


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