Wooden language - part 1
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Wooden language - part 1

Wooden language - part 1

The other day I've stumbled over this gem:

I think this article represents a paradigm shift in a dynamic marketplace.
As a whole, I see where the author is coming from, but I don't really agree with his findings. I'm trying to think of a proper disruptive rebuttal that will add value and create positive dialogue, but I lack the strategic vision to create a mutually beneficial, intrinsically juxtaposed, equal opportunity partnership while still remaining granular enough to maintain a thought pattern that doesn't exceed a typical 10,000 ft. view of today's fast moving business environment.

If your disruptive rebuttal can create an opposing paradigm shift while the
marketplace retains elasticity, your granularity might exponentially increase
while you hone in on the bottom line necessity regardless of the consequences.

So, if you ever need a set of epic words to wrap your idea in, use (some of) these!