Use a GraphView in a Fragment

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From what I’ve seen, most tutorials relative to GraphView use direct Actions. I wanted to use a Fragment instead. Here are the steps I did (using the Android Studio):

Create a Layout Fragment

First, create a fragment (create a new Layout Resource File), based on a LinearLayout. I ended up with a file named fragment_graph.xml with the following content:

The idea is pretty simple; the widget to be used by the Graph is graph1.

Create the Java Fragment

On the java side, I’ve added a new class GraphFragment which extends the Fragment class:

This is a pretty standard fragment. The secret sauce is in the populateGraphView() method. Here, we perform three operations:

  1. First, we create the data set:

    We do the dataset initialisation here because it’s an example. You may want to do it somewhere else if you collect it off a remote service for example.
  2. Build the GraphView:

    and add the dataset:

    The Activity required by the GraphView constructor (in this case LineGraphView) can be collected form the Fragment instance via getActivity().

  3. Get the widget reference in the fragment and add the GraphView to it:

    Incidentally, is our graph1 from the layout file.

The full code of the class is:

Add the Fragment to an Activity

Once the fragment is defined, all that’s left to be done is to add it to an activity. If you have a sample activity-based project, you can end up with a layout file (activity_fragments.xml) similar to this:

Simple, isn’t it?


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