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Trip and more stuff

November 9th, 2004 - Random(1 min)

A while ago, I went to Donegal for the bank holiday weekend. Quite a nice and quiet place. Funny that I’ve almost passed by “the highest cliffs in Europe (?)” without noticing them.. maybe because they were partly covered in clouds and they’re not vertical :)… anyway the trip was nice, the company was great, got to take some long exposure photos (i need way more practice to get to a decent level), walk on the beach (in a silly rain).. cant believe it was almost a month ago…

Other more recent stuff… was looking at a bunch of sprayway jackets and figure out i’m useless in picking something up, because all i want to do is go hiking (some waterproof jacket is good). i think goretex is way overpriced, but people (and reviews) say it’s “the best waterproof breathable thing out there”… i’m waiting for xmas sales in this department (and some help re. what i actually need..)

Technical stuff

I’ve started working on a wireless tool (daemon) with a decent (i think) logic to make it capable of switching (automatically) if an AP becomes inactive.

– This is a really old post published originally on my blogspot blog

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