Synology and “Sparsebundle is Already in Use” Error

Today one of my Sinology drives failed. When I’ve replaced it, I got an error from my Mac’s Time Machine about a “sparsebundle is already in use“. I saw a discussion saying the solution was to close/reopen TM connection.

With Synology, I only needed to disable and enable the service off the Control Panel:

Synology MAC

Just click on the “Enable Mac file service” to disable and re-enable it. Of course, you need to press Apply after each operation, so the command is actually performed :)

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1 thought on “Synology and “Sparsebundle is Already in Use” Error”

  1. Had this error arise after cancelling a backup midway, and then trying again later. Turned SMB services off/apply and then on/apply under File Services and no issues after doing this. I am using DSM DSM 6.2.1-23824 Update 2.

    Many thanks for posting this.

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