On wireless and other things
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On wireless and other things

On wireless and other things

Well, my automatic wireless thing is progressing nicely. Now I've got the Qt4 event loop and threads in place and it does the polling (and returns values alright). All I have to do now is process them. And that's cool. I've already got the logic described somewhere. The funny thing is that it's not that hard... so I'm wondering why it isn't there already. After that, and the corresponding testing, it's going to be more fun with the D-BUS communication :)

Another good news is that I'm back digging on my thesis, and I have about 3 weeks to have it done and sent to my super. I've got the new bits in place for one of the chapters and hopefully I'll have it done on Monday, as I've seen that is not that difficult to plug them in.

I've finally got my girlfriend (who's not a computer head) to accept that working in IT is quite a stressful job sometimes. Especially when you have all kind of people pulling you all over the place: Have you finished the document? (every 10 mins), Let's make this procedure something that even a dummy can do... :) Uhh...

This week I had more fun at home with paying bils, or rather not have them paid. A quite interesting story about a hyper-inflated ego (not mines), fuzzy logic, harassment(?) and taking back on one's word (as in: I said something today and tomorrow I'll say something totally different). Stand by as it shall be made available to the public when appropriate :)

Other than that, my 15Euro printer has arrived. It has been nicely detected by my SuSE, but it would work only after looking on the net for results. It's info I found here which helped me to set it up. Hope it's OKto post the link... Also, at the time I'm writing this, I haven't yet tested the printer to see if it works ;). I'll keep you updated if it doesn't.

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